About Us

At Builders of Hope our faith compels us to act on behalf of those who have been left homeless by disaster and those who, due to age, physical limitations, or limited income, are unable to make the necessary repairs or changes to their homes. Our experiences have taught us that in many of these cases a sense of despair and powerlessness begins to set in. By our action, we seek to restore hope where there is despair. By our actions we seek to move groups of individuals into the streets, neighborhoods and communities with the tangible evidence that God is active in restoring hope to those in need by meeting their needs.

We match skilled leaders with experience in construction with willing volunteers who want to be difference makers. Together we create hope in the lives of those who find themselves in crisis. Builders of Hope is about building homes and restoring hope.

Who we are

The vision for Builders of Hope began after a team of volunteers from River Vallley Church in Mishawaka and New Paris Missionary Church traveled to Mississippi in November, 2006, to construct a house for a family left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. This team was made up of individuals who had worked in recovery operations in the Gulf Coast and individuals who had worked locally in north central Indiana doing home rehabilitation for low and limited income individuals. Upon returning to Indiana the group began exploring ways to continue working both locally and in disaster areas. After working as a part of World Compassion Network during 2007, the group founded Builders of Hope in 2008 as a not for profit ministry.

At Builders of Hope we believe that how we do our work is as vital as what we do.  Each homeowner is blessed when they are helped.  The individual volunteers are blessed as they become conduits of Gods grace and generosity through serving others. And the entire community is blessed and strengthened as it comes together to help one of its own, reflecting the kingdom of God at work in the community. We seek to be the vehicle through which individuals in the community, in the churches, in the schools, and in the business community can bless those who are in need. We believe that people of character are also people of compassion and that compassion, when shown to neighbors, creates community. Broken communities can be revitalized as the public, private, faith, and business sectors come together in partnership with the neighbors, families and friends of those whose houses need repair to assist in doing the work. Old relationships can be strengthened and new relationships can be built. 

Our Vision

To restore hope by uniting the community in compassionate ministry to meet the needs of our neighbors.

Our Mission

To help mobilize and assist communities in meeting the home repair needs of low income homeowners and those who are suffering from disasters.

What we do

Local Housing Needs

  • We recruit, organize and lead construction teams using volunteers from churches, schools, service clubs and the public.
  • We mobilize the community to respond to specific local housing repair/renovation projects.
  • We provide organization and skilled leadership to local construction projects.
  • Where necessary, we provide funding to purchase materials and supplies needed for local construction projects.

Disaster Recovery

  • We assist with recruiting, organizing and leading construction teams of volunteers.
  • We mobilize churches and volunteer teams to respond to disaster reconstruction projects.
  • We respond to domestic disasters through local churches and partnerships with other relief organizations to build and/or rebuild homes damaged by disasters.
  • We provide skilled leadership to volunteers working at the sites of disaster reconstruction.